TMP Worldwide Your Talent Partner from Now to Next

In a time of transformational change for talent acquisition, employers are challenged to create the right strategy to compete for the best talent around the globe. Therefore, the importance of being able to engage with the right audience cannot be overstated and TMP will bring passion and drive underpinned by wisdom and experience to battle the talent challenges you face.

Talent challenges come in all shapes and sizes.

Whether it’s high attrition, weak pipelines, skills shortages, or even too many applicants – we have seen it all. We cover Early Career roles through volume vacancies to senior management positions. The list is varied and interesting, but all our thinking and solutions are geared to helping clients find, engage and deliver the best talent.

Our multi-talented in-house team includes branding experts, creatives, sourcers, social media gurus and brilliant candidate management experts. We listen to your needs, understand how to shape our solution to your requirements and then work with you to build a seamless model to deliver in a true partnership fashion.

What steps must I take to get my advertising external?

Upon receiving notification of a vacancy, Hiring Managers are advised to follow the MOD task progression process outlined below.  

  1. Recruiting manager contact TMP – submit details – receive price 
  2. Business Case to be completed by recruiting manager and approved in accordance with local unit procedures 
  3. Raise requisition on CP&F (by Recruiting manager/authorised iProcurement user) 
  4. Requisition approved by MOD TLB finance department 
  5. MOD Commercial officer generates purchase order  
  6. Purchase order number sent to TMP by Recruiting Manager 
  7. Work completed 
  8. PDF email invoice submitted by TMP via email to recruiting manager 
  9. Recruiting manager authorises CP&F iProcurement user to receipt purchase order 
  10. Automated payment process through Exostar is activated.  

Who can I contact for support?

You will benefit from a dedicated account team who will be on hand to support with any questions when needed.

For day-to-day queries and any questions relating to job posting, advert writing and media advice please contact your dedicated Account Executive

And for questions relating to larger volume campaigns, harder to fill roles and anything that requires a more strategic and creative approach please contact Amanda Strange